Get To Know Us

Our products will remind you of those childhood treats we all remember, with an added twist. From our ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, to our moist cake jars. Divine Bites Bakery is a black-owned small business based in Chicago. Our handcrafted treats are always made with care by working with quality Ingredients. The idea for Divine Bites Bakery was conceived through prayer and faith in God. Our goal is to spread our faith in God through sharing our scrumptious treats with the world. Take some time to take a bite out of life and indulge in our decadent treats.


Sometimes we find ourselves worrying about what others may think of us. So much so that we get such a tight grip on life and miss out on opportunities and experiences.

What is it that you’re missing out on out of fear? What is that thing you’d do, or that leap of faith you’d take, if the judgment of others was not a concern of yours?

Now, GO DO IT!