Get To Know Us

Our products will remind you of those childhood treats we all remember, with an added twist. From our ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, to our moist cake jars. Divine Bites Bakery is a black-owned small business based in Chicago. Our handcrafted treats are always made with care by working with quality Ingredients. The idea for Divine Bites Bakery was conceived through prayer and faith in God. Our goal is to spread our faith in God through sharing our scrumptious treats with the world. Take some time to take a bite out of life and indulge in our decadent treats.

Monthly Scripture

When God gives us assignments/visions and instructions He is very sure of His word. He ensures we have all the tools necessary to complete our assignments and excel in them. God will provide every need for us when we are in alignment with Him. Therefore, there will be no need for any additional resources/tools (iron in this case.)

God's vision is always perfect.

What is it that God has called you to do? Do you find yourself questioning Him? Or even looking for outside resources?

I know I am guilty of it at times. Take some time this month to really spend time with God and establish a better understanding of your assignment/vision/purpose. Remember, He will provide every need to accomplish it.

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