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The Journey



Divine Bites Bakery is a labor of love, stirred into existence by my passion for baking and inspired by my grandmothers, Jessie and Barbara. Both revered in their communities for crafting exceptional baked goods, they instilled in me the values of unwavering commitment to quality and boundless love in every treat they made. My journey into the world of baking began with my great-grandmother, Jessie, who passed on her wisdom, and in my grandmother Barbara's kitchen, where it all started with her famous fluffy pancakes.

As my love for baking blossomed, I ventured from the kitchen to college, earning my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. College life wasn't just about academics; it became the canvas where I turned my passion into a source of income. After graduation, I embarked on the journey to formalize my business, and I couldn't have had better mentors than my grandmothers, who wholeheartedly embraced my vision. The honor of sharing my gift with these esteemed women fuels my determination.

In the narrative of my life, my college experience unveiled the significance of mental health, especially in the African American community. I firmly believe that increased investment in mental health, particularly in urban areas, can pave the way for resolving contemporary challenges. This realization stirred me to integrate inspirational messages into my treats, making each Divine Bites Bakery delight not just a culinary treasure but a source of encouragement. Every treat comes with an inspiring quote and a selection of my favorite scriptures, hoping to offer solace and strength.

Founded in 2018, Divine Bites Bakery is a precious gift, one that I'm determined to share with the world. With unwavering faith as my cornerstone, I aspire to reach hearts and palates far and wide, one delightful bite at a time.
With Love,

Lindsey McCall